one of the things i love most about new york is it’s canine population. indeed, people there own ‘real’ dogs – ie, pets which are too big to fit in your purse. this contrasts sharply with london, where everyone there owns a pug, or a version of a pug. basically tiny ‘apartment’ dogs. why is the canine population in these cities so different? are new yorkers just indifferent to the fact that their big dogs need far more space? well, in new york, dog walkers are very common, which means that even if you have a flat you can still make sure your dog gets a lot of exercise. also, perhaps english people have country homes rather than/as well as city-centre pads, and it’s in the former that they keep their dogs.

ah, who am i kidding, i have no idea why the canine presence is so different, and i’m kind of rambling, all in the goal of saying this: there are lots of big dogs in florence. i see them all the time. is it the locals who own dogs? do they have easy access to the tuscan countryside? go figure. but its nice, in any case.

it’s a dog’s life in florence.




owned by local stall keeper.



owned by americans. trying to fit in.



kind of annoyed that his owners drive around in a twingo.


bert and ernie.

best friends since 1997.



loves cantucci.



is the size of a cow.

is fine with it.


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