another week, another mission: spending one day on oltrarno. not crossing the river, at any cost. i walked many streets, and saw many things. one day, i’ll share those moments with you. but today, i’ll recommend a little shop on via maggi which, conveniently, turns out to be next to one of the best pizzerias in the city (which i am yet to try). and it’s also 3 minutes away from my house. win.

what caught my eye? well, the cutesy messages on the mugs in the window. it looked like one of those ‘we sell messages and motifs printed on objects’ store. these kinds of shops make my husband want to pull his hair out. i, obviously, feel life isn’t worth living if your mugs/lamps/plates/pillows/posters don’t having meaningful (or less, doesn’t really matter) quotes on them in funky font. i mean, it’s like buying stationary, but much cooler.

turns out, the shop is deep. real deep. and although the front part reflects this current printing/home interior/utensils trend (very, very popular in london), the other rooms allow us to delve in world of wonders past:


antique mirrors? check.

old vintage suitcases? check.


old map / old sign post / old bicycle?

check. check. check.


this photo is so awesome it needs no commentary.


well, cherry on the cake:

a massive painting of dogs,

dressed as a couple on their wedding day.

phil, we need that.

(we can discuss it over the weekend)


this tour of ‘and company’ ends on the other side of the street, where they have another store. these are some of the massive stamps used in the printing culture they are trying to capture.

that is also a nice mirror.

and company

via maggi, 47

(and across the street)


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