la cité claims to be a ‘libreria’, a kind of bookshop café. but i have been to pleeeeenty of those in my life. and let me tell you, none are this cool. in fact, when i first walked into la cité, i felt like a nerd going to the cool kids’ party. welcome, high school flashbacks/nauseas/anxieties.

and of course, their opening hours are ridiculous. they open at 15h30 and go on until late into the night. why would they do that, when all the cool kids clearly get up before 8h30am and are really, really keen to start reading/working over coffee??

but then, at la cité, they make me feel so welcome. with their smiles. and their music. and their well-lit tables & chairs. and their upstairs pillows. and after the sun is set, and you’re there, working on your lap top, hunched over, surrounded by industrial decor, books (including persepolis), and chilled music, you feel maybe that you kinda belong there.

i spent a few hours there last monday night, sorting out my archive data on theft in railways in vichy france. i was drinking an espresso and sipping on a glass of wine. and, i must say, it was one of the highlights of my week.


la cité

borgo san ferdiano, 20

(it was 14h45 on a sunday when i took this photo.)

(obviously, they opened only 45mins later,

right when I was settling into my sunday evening routine

of washing, tidying and organising myself for a big week ahead.)

(the cool-ometer just burst, i know.)


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