living in florence, i’ve decided to take an interest in montepulciano wine. yes, fine, i know, my ‘interest’ is mostly limited to drinking it. but i do intend on going to the local wineries at some point… and maybe learning a thing or two. but that’ll maybe have to wait until the spring. for now, i drink.

so yes, when my friend phillip invited me to dinner, i jumped on the opportunity to (a) accept and (b) bring some montepulciano wine. i also decided to drop by this nice-looking pastecherria on the corner of via san gallo and via guelfa – looked like it made decent bread (rare to find in tuscany) and i had spotted some amazing-looking ‘cantucci’ in the window the day before. after doing this, i then headed to phillip’s, where i enjoyed one of my best meals since i’ve arrived. just goes to show: italian produce is so fresh, so fantastic, that you don’t really need to go out to the restaurant as long as you have a hob and a sense of food.

on the menu, therefore:

to drink

started with a delicious chianti classic, finished with a nice montepulciano d’abruzzio.

to eat

a main of thick ‘pici’ pasta with a sprinkling of parmesan, with wild mushrooms and rare steak. side of mash salad with tomatoes, a spectacular aged pecorino (which will make the true french shed some tears of delight) and dried sausage.

to desert

delicious, thick juicy grapes alongside some almond cantucci and chocolate cantucci bought by yours truly.

to conclude

let’s do it again.


montepulciano d’abruzzo

DSC_1254 “

vecchio forno

via guelfa, 30

very good cantucci (tested)

delicious looking chocolate tartlets (to be tested)


all other ingredients from supermarket ‘esselunga’ near piazza liberta

(although there are several in florence)

grazie phillip!


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