history shows that colours are political: blue, for instance, was often regal. the pope’s red accoutrement is not random. and yellow, turns, out, was the colour for prostitutes in florence, who were made to wear a piece of yellow cloth on their body (on their arm if i remember correctly).

jews were also made to wear yellow in florence, and only the very rich jews could buy their way out of having to wear it (and of having to live in the ghetto, turns out, but this is a story for another day).

i learned this on a pretty great night-time tour of florence organized by anna kocharov, a doctoral student at eui. the theme was ‘crime in florence’, and for two hours we talked criminals, executions, penal system, local history between 1200s and 1900s, from which this ‘yellow’ anecdote has been drawn.

there’s so much more to relay, but i need to get to work so you’ll just have to hold on to your horses and wait for another blog post. in the meantime, get ready for some pretty crazy upcoming facts…. *watch this space*



walking back after ‘crime tour’

lights reflecting off the arno


between ponte vecchio and ponte santa trinita)






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