Niles arrives at Frasier’s place. He has had a very bad day
Niles: I need a sherry.
Frasier: Brace yourself!
Niles: [sees the empty bottle] You always think it’s going to happen to someone else.

ok, first of all, frasier is one of the all time best shows on television. second, last night, i found some fantastic 18th century sherry glasses in a little antique store which would make the crane boys proud.

initially, it was two blown glass wine glasses which caught my eye. but as i walked through the store, i spotted a couple of extremely heavy, shallow, drinking glasses. i asked the lady how much they cost (they were totally affordable, don’t worry phil), and we chatted a bit about the different types of glassware she had on display. ‘now these,’ she said, picking up the ones i was interested in, ‘are perfect for drinking sherry.’

ok, now, if you have met me for more than 15 minutes, you’ll probably know how much i love frasier. and sherry-drinking (as well as jokes on sherry-drinking) is definitely one of the comic pillars of the show. so the thought of sipping sherry in these 18th century glasses bought in an antique store in florence was, basically, too much to handle.

‘i’ll take them,’ i said, ‘and those two wine glasses in the window.’ (i can’t help myself).

so i strolled home, a skip in my step, proud owner of 2 antique wine glasses, and, more importantly, 2 antique sherry glasses. i can’t remember the name of the shop now, but it was on via de’ serragli, and it was amazing. the lady was so nice, gave me a discount, and spoke excellent english. the only slight mishap was when she reassured me my italian would improve by the end of the year – in fact, i think it’s pretty bloody good already. but we’ll let that one slip….



affordable and amazing antique store

via de’ serragli

(and this is the sherry frasier drinks

now, to the liquor store!)





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