the café culture is quite different in florence; in london, i was used to ‘café hopping’, each day going to a series of cafés with free wifi, sockets for my charger, etc. you buy one cup of tea and it lasts you for hours. the relaxed atmosphere makes it easier to write.

here, no one seems to work in cafés. they stand at the counter to drink their coffee in a few minutes and, off they go. it’s strange that the working-in-a-café trend hasn’t caught on, considering the amount of anglo-saxon academics. maybe it’s because there’s  nicer offices in florence, offices you actually want to be in. maybe it’s because the café culture is too strong to really shift with the times. maybe it’s some sort of local resistance against anglo-saxon trends. who knows?

in any case, this has made my quest for finding a café to work in more difficult. one café i recently sat in to edit a book chapter was nuovole. (i think that’s the name…) (it’s on a corner off borgo san ferdiano)

they have a small seating space outside, which is fine despite the bright sunlight bouncing off your screen, and the wobbly table. they also have a counter indoors, but i find this counter even harder to work on. the counter-to-chair height ratio means that my keyboard is basically at chin level. typing for anything more than 30 seconds generates severe arm cramps.

but… their counter is painted like a piano keyboard. which makes it amazingly cool. nuovole also do cocktails in the evening. so my working experiences there are pretty much over, but i would consider coming back for a mojito.




somewhere along borgo san ferdiano

(above santo spirito)


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