between themselves, the maitre d’, waiter, and cook of trattoria angiolino are about 210 years old. they don’t smile much, but they’re efficient. their restaurant is super kitsch, kind of like an italian stereotype bomb exploded everywhere (checked table cloths, giant salamis hanging from the ceiling, a david statue replica… you get the idea).

i can tell, you’re already won over.

and there’s more: the food is basic,  sometimes good, and generally has a homecooked feel. the bistecca is apparently their speciality, but i wouldn’t know since i ordered the spaghetti pomodori, which i actually really enjoyed.  their osso bucco was disappointing, but they make a pretty tasty tiramisu.

my point is: when you’re wandering the streets in florence, around santo spirito, in the pouring rain (as it sometimes pours in florence), and the restaurant where you had a reservation has suddenly closed down because of flooding, and the other restaurant you were thinking of is fully booked, and the tiny wine bar which serves food next door is also packed, then you go to trattoria angiolino. and you know what? you’re pretty darn happy about it.

there, my friend, you will be grateful for a kitschy but dry table cloth, a waiter who is over the age of 20 and actually knows what s/he’s doing, and a big plateful of spaghetti pomodori. the wine was delicious, the company was excellent, and all in all it was one of my favourite evenings in florence.

oh and i almost forgot: this is where i discovered tuscan crostini – a kind of bruschetta but with chicken liver on top – mmmmm……..


inside the trattoria

good photo taken from this guy


and there’s david.

trattoria angiolino

via santo spirito, 36


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