museums are great. but they are also social constructs, carefully planned displays of things which the city/funding body/nation wants you to see, rather than things as they actually were. already, your view is thwarted. likewise, museums can actually be a bit boring. i mean, there are literally so many museums in florence that, if you tried to do all of them during your stay, you’d want to kill yourself.

thankfully, florence has a fantastic street life, including some pretty amazing street sights.


some of them, you want to photograph

(like this ridiculously tiny car)


others, you want to learn more about.

like this bust of a man holding his nose: what the hell is he doing?

and why is this at the entrance of via de’ Sapiti?

(ironically, the little alley way i found him in stank of pee,

although i think it could have something to do with the stinky ponte vecchio bridge)


and then, there are some which just make you wonder: why?

(and then giggle)

‘il pisello’ is slang for penis in italian.

this is, literally, a calendar of penises.

(insert more giggling)

thank you blogger for spotting it, photographing it, and posting it.

so there you have it.

it would be sad to restrict yourself to florence’s representation of high culture,

when you can learn so much about a city from it’s streets alone.

*the end*


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