here is a shop i stumbled on recently. it’s either called palomino, or it sells lots of stuff, some of which is by a brand called palomino. i could google and check, but right now my internet keeps going off, so it’s a bit impractical. also, it’s kinda nice not to google something, for once.

ok – i just googled it. the urge was too great, and my internet started working again.  it’s a good thing too, because, turns out, it’s not called palomino at all (i think that’s a type of horse?!): it’s called ‘pampaloni’. and they are a very high-brow store/brand from florence, since 1902. and they sell ‘argenteria’, which in french is ‘argenterie’, and in english is ‘silverware’.

this link brings you to their full address; sadly, the photo they use to advertise shows a woman sensually sniffing a silver carafe. how scary. this other link brings you to their home page in which they – i think – are announcing a restaurant opening?! and nothing more. this final link brings you to their online shopping website – which is in russian. aside from being a clear indicator of a wealthy clientele, it is not much use to most of us non-russianists.

thankfully, i’ve come along to write a comprehensive post, in english, about pampaloni. and i’m including photos which i’m dying to share with the world. also, my mom reads this blog and i think she’ll love them. basically, i love pampaloni. because although i’m not a fan of general ‘silverware’, i bloody love plates and cutlery. tableware, my friends, is an art. look:


have you ever seen such plates?!


and who doesn’t love chunky modern cutlery?!


and look.at.those.desert.spoons.

i intend on buying one thing from here before i leave florence.

it’ll probably set back our mortgage payments by a bit, but hey…

… life’s worth living.


via porta rossa, 99



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