in florence, from the moment you wake up, everything is just a lead up to the perfect café and spremuta. no matter which café you go to, the taste and freshness of ‘spremuta’ is of equal standing. seriously amazing. the only way to start the day.

but what is this ‘spremuta’, you ask? it’s really called ‘spremuta di arancia’ (spelled something like that) a freshly squeezed orange juice. or rather, a splash of sunshine served in a tiny tumbler.

italians usually drink their café and/or spremuta standing up at a counter, then off to work they go. but i prefer to sit at a table in a corner, get my computer out, and start my work day sipping on my morning drinks.

sadly, the italians have not mastered the art of pastry. their croissants (‘cornetto’) are very sweet, and you get this weird layer of something (no clue what it is) which sticks to your palate afterwards. obviously, this does not stop me from ordering them – hell, no. especially the ones with cream (‘crema’) inside. but i enjoy them less than other parts of my breakfast. and if i just weren’t so damn hungry in the mornings, i’d even do without them.

so yea, back to spremuta: do it.


8h30am at the menza in villa badia


view of my spremuta and café

(no cornetto con crema in sight)

(…i was hungry)


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