why go to fiesole? well, when you’re an academic, you go there mostly to make all your other colleagues jealous. indeed, the fiesole hills are filled with villas full of academics from all over the world, overlooking florence with a smug grin on their face as they:

– post photos on facebook: ‘view from my office in fiesole’ (duomo in background)

– update their status: ‘sipping montepulciano on lunch break’

– tweet: ‘starting new book chapter #soinspiringtoworkinthetuscansun’

but, academic or not, there are many other reasons to go to fiesole: not least the archaeological ruins. fiesole’s etruscan ruins date back to 8th or 9th century bc, but the town was then conquered by the romans in 2nd century bc. interestingly, a very small selection scholars from rome were soon being sent to fiesole for short periods of intense study and research. (or so i here on the web).

max weber fellows were recently invited to discover and wander these beautiful ruins which overlook the valley. we then sat in the central arena, listening to the curator discuss how this archaeological site forms a central part of the region’s heritage. it was a wonderful, eye-opening evening, steeped in historicity.


so basically,

here is the view from my office.


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