between 17h and 21h, you have aperitivo in italy. this means you pay for one drink and are consequently allowed to help yourself from the nearby food buffet. now, aperitivos can be a bit hit and miss. (an aperitivo consisting solely of shit loads of rice and a bowl of crisps is, for instance, a definite miss.)

but i’ve discovered a lovely, if more-pricey-than-usual, aperitivo place. i recently mentioned the cinema teatro odeon. well, the other day, i saw the surprisingly hilarious new jennifer aniston movie (this telegraph review also underlines the great performances by nick offerman and kathryn hahn).

the film was starting at 20h30 and I wanted to grab a bit to eat. i settled down at the odeon after being deeply annoyed by the nearby colle bereto. in contrast, at the odeon bar & bistro, i was welcomed with a smile and a delicious-looking aperitivo buffet. (colle bereto is now my arch-nemesis and i will never set foot in there again.)

so! the odeon bistro: the tasty buffet selection included: thin slices of tender beef; club sandwiches; mini tarts; panzanella; little fried balls filled with meat and olives; some tasty beef thing; aubergine parmigiana. on top of that, my glass of house white was a generous size and very tasty. aperitivo is usually 10€, but if you buy a cinema ticket beforehand, you get 25% off – that makes 7,5€ for a light meal & a light buzz. Add the cinema ticket at 6€, and you have yourself the perfect evening for under 15€.


 perfect mid-week pre-jennifer aniston aperitivo

(would come here even if i wasn’t watching a film)

odeon bar & bistro

piazza strozzi, 2


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