ten years ago the piazza santo spirito housed a couple of restaurant/bars. now, you are swamped with choice. i’ve already mentioned volume, so here’s another one on the piazza: caffé ricchi. on trip advisor, they have a pretty bad ranking. but the comments are kinda harsh, and sometimes trip advisor contributors are just wackos.

so here is an alternative view which both describes and historicises (oh yea it does!) caffé ricchi:

(1) super friendly service and advice from the waiter (‘don’t take the pizza, what we do well are primi and secondi,’ he warned) (and we listened)

(2) tasty pasta – i had penne all’amatriciana (its like a carbonara but replace the cream with tomato sauce. lip-smackin’ good.) and my friend had the taglierini (small tagliatelle) with salmon (also v tasty and surprisingly light)

(3) awesome interior decor. that’s right, ladies and gentlemen (or my 4 followers, 75% of whom are related to me by law) i’m a sucker for style. the whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is fine and all, but seriously, isn’t it so disappointing when you love a book but hate the cover? (i once was so grossed out by the cover (it was a close up of a pile of ropes but which in fact looked like worms) that i couldn’t even read the book. (it was an edition of something hemingway wrote. i had to buy another edition.)).

anyways i digress: caffé ricchi’s walls are arboured with representations of different projections onto the santo spirito façade. these are, in fact, the remains of an artistic project started in the 1980s in santo spirito, which reflects not only great creativity but also community support.

so basically, between the delicious pasta, the refreshing bottle of aqua frizzante (it was lunch), the friendly waiter and the great decor-concept/local artistic heritage, i was sold.



sspiritoproj6 (1)

one of the projections in the 1980s


how caffé ricchi has commemorated this project


the santo spirito façade

caffé ricchi

piazza santo spirito

two thumbs up




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