a stone’s throw from the duomo, the ok bar gets first prize for worst name ever. in fact, its name alone compels most of us to walk straight past it and not give it a second’s glance in our semi-puritanical quest for ‘authentic florence’.

but we would be wrong. for while it’s aperitivo is one big carb-load, it’s pizzas are really tasty. thin, crisp, melt in your mouth tasty. the other night we got a few pizzas to go: the capricciosa, with everything on it, and the aubergine one. for 15 euros. luckily, my friend lives a few doors down, and he just happens to have a roof-top terrace with the most spectacular view of the duomo – so we ate there rather than in the ok bar dining area (which looks more café than restaurant).

of course, if you don’t know phillip, you probably cannot go on his terrace, crack open a bottle of red and dive in to your ok bar pizzas. but maybe you live in the area, or maybe its warm outside and you can settle down on a piazza with a few beers and your ok bar pizzas. or maybe you can just stay at ok bar and eat on its own terrace.

i’m not saying these are the best pizzas in florence – but so near the duomo, it can be hard to (a) find a place with simple tasty food (b) find a place which isn’t a total rip off. also i’ve heard you can work in it in the morning.

at the end of the day, if there is 1 lesson here, it’s don’t judge a restaurant by it’s terrible, terrible name.



the duomo

and a random truck

in the sun

(views from phillip’s terrace to come)

go to ‘maps’ to get the exact location of ok bar

via dei servi, 97



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