caldo means hot in italian, and via delle caldaie has something to do with boilers. and if you want to live in santo spirito, head this way.  how to describe it: unassuming; quiet in the evenings; cafés on one end; shops on the other; gucci, in the middle.

(the surrounding streets are – so i hear – also nice to live in: via santa maria; via del campuccio; via delle chiese. and if you’re only staying for a few nights there is  a quiet b&b athea on via delle caldaie, although i have not tried it. Have heard stellar reviews about home in florence, run by the very friendly massimo, which is at the opposite end of via delle caldaie, on via santa maria.)

a walk in via delle caldaie


café number one

the first to open, the last to close


café number two

il chicco del café

looks a bit better


gucci headquarters?

huge doors, huge b&w photographs

of the old gucci factory located on this site

(i’m presuming)


street life


injecting some colour into local religious street art


delicious baked goods on the corner


opposite of which is a charming and tasty butchers

there is even a mini market next door to this butcher

but it was closed so i did not take a photo

via delle caldaie

from n°27 to n°1


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