don’t think it over, just go there. fuori porta is possibly my best discovery yet. for two reasons: first, it does italian food with a twist. the crostini with truffle and porcini was a delight, as was the beef carpaccio. lady-at-the-table-next-to-us had some delicious-looking pasta with what looked like meat sauce…. but the vegetarian options are also a nice variant of the basic dishes you get offered in other places (more crostini options and the vegetable flan, for instance).

second, san niccolo is a quirky neighbourhood on the other side of the arno – ie, the more florentine side. at the crossroads of via san niccolo/via del monte alle croci you’ll find the area dotted with restaurants and cafés. so yea, step out of fuori porta and roll into the nearest bar. or… keep going up and you’ll visit the beautiful basilica san miniato al monte. then, roll into a bar.



the other side of the arno

(but further up the arno)

fuori porte

via del monte alle crocci, 10



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