palazzo pitti; galleria degli uffizi; il duomo; forte di belvedere; palazzo vecchio – so many big museums to choose from in florence, so much great art you know you should be seeing. but sometimes, it’s nice to start small, in more obscure museums. the benefits? fewer people, no queues, unexpected discoveries.

the  museum galileo is one such museum. it houses scientific instruments from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and so if  it’s overarching trajectory could be better expressed, one gets drawn into this world of objects and discoveries. from pocket-sized sundials to life-size gynecological  terracotta models of forceps delivery to a magnificent collection of giant celestial and terrestrial globes, the objects in this museum recount the intellectual development of science and it’s democratization over the centuries. the italian patrons of the arts and sciences, who are also offered centre stage in this museum, get somewhat sidelined by the objects themselves.


large armillary sphere

almost 4 metres high and 2.5 metres wide

took antonio santucci 5 years to build (1588-1593)

galileo museum, room III (i think)


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